Dry Ice Blasting in Vernon and Okanagan: Powerful and Eco-Friendly Cleaning


Our Dry Ice Blasting machine employs compressed air to accelerate dry ice pellets to speeds of approximately 300 meters per second. These pellets impact the surface to be cleaned, inducing rapid shock-freezing in a fraction of a second. The sudden thermal shock causes the coating or dirt on the surface to contract, becoming brittle and cracking.


As the surface cracks, the pellets penetrate beneath the dirt, effectively removing it. The additional kinetic energy removes the coating or dirt from the surface. Upon impact, the pellets sublimate and returns to the atmosphere as a pure gas (CO2), leaving no residual moisture.


What remains is the coating or dirt that is removed from the surface, eliminating the need for blasting media disposal. With a low hardness of approximately 2 Mohs, this process is virtually non-abrasive, maintaining the surface quality.


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Areas We Serve

  • Vernon

  • Coldstream

  • Armstrong

  • Enderby

  • Salmon Arm

  • Lavington

  • Lumby

  • Winfield, Lake Country

  • Oyama

  • Silver Star

  • Falkland


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