Areas We Serve

  • Vernon

  • Coldstream

  • Armstrong

  • Enderby

  • Salmon Arm

  • Lavington

  • Lumby

  • Winfield, Lake Country

  • Oyama

  • Silver Star

  • Falkland


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MTS Mobile Pressure Washing Vernon prioritizes the safety and well-being of our employees, customers, the public, and the environment. We are dedicated to developing and implementing safe operating procedures and practices, creating a safe work environment. Our commitment ensures that our valued employees can work efficiently without compromising on safety.
  • House and Cottage Sidings & Exteriors, Vinyl Siding, Hardy Siding, Stucco Siding etc.

  • Disinfection and sterilization

  • Construction & Heavy Equipment, Logging Equipment

  • Engine Compartment clean up for oil leak location on HD Equipment

  • Strip Malls & Shopping Centres

  • Retail Stores

  • Store Fronts, Sidewalks and Walkways

  • Garbage Areas

  • Decks, Patios & Fences

  • Commercial Buildings, Parks and Playgrounds

  • Cleaning after main events

  • Industrial stain removal

  • Graffitis

  • Silos

  • Defrost frozen water pipes

  • and more!

Our Expertise includes Pressure Washing and Stain Removal for the following:



Our professional pressure washing service in Vernon and the Okanagan can safely restore your property's exterior to like-new condition using hot water, biodegradable agents, and adjustable pressure levels. We clean a variety of surfaces, including vinyl, aluminum, steel, stucco, stone, brick, wood siding, roofs, pool decks, patios, wood decks, fences, driveways, gutters, and more.


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Our graffiti removal experts provide customized treatment for each unique project, considering factors like the tagger's product, surface type, and application conditions. We effectively remove graffiti from various surfaces, including concrete, brick, tile, marble, and terrazzo in Vernon and the Okanagan region.


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Our Dry Ice Blasting service uses high-speed dry ice pellets propelled by compressed air to quickly and effectively remove coatings and dirt from surfaces. This non-abrasive process maintains surface quality and eliminates the need for media disposal. Contact us today for efficient Dry Ice Blasting services in Vernon and the Okanagan.


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